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Voice Coach & Sound Light Therapist

    I am independent Voice Coach and Sound Light Therapist facilitating my work in several countries around the Planet. I'm fully in service to Humanity and I love to link togehter people from different countries and cultural origins. Sound & Light unite ALL beings beyond any kind of diversity.    I facilitate my work in

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      FREE VOICE ~ GRUPPEN SEMINARE       ~ DURCHBRUCH ZUM WAHREN SELBST ~     in Altendorf (Schwyz) ~ neues Datum folgt     Samstag und Sonntag ~ Full Immersion.     BEFREIUNG und LEBENDIGKEIT durch die Kraft deines Spirits!     Ein Seminar für Alle, die zur eigenen Authetizität und Spontanität zurück finden wollen. Keine Gesang-Vorkenntnisse

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Individual Class

~ SET YOUR SPIRIT FREE       Sound Healing & Breath Light   Activation     Sound & Light travel thru our  cellular being, the conscious and   subconscious. Sound & Light permeate all levels, the seen and the unseen.   Sound & Light move thru space and time. Sound  & Light are both powerful, soft, effective and can heal almost every illness.  SOUND & LIGHT are everywhere ~      

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Free Voice

    VOICE your SPIRIT    & dare to fully express yourself    Do you allow yourself to express your authentic being? Are you sure to be heard when communicating with your partner?   You are shy and would like to be spontaneous, surprise yourself and others?     ~ Take back your power by reactivating

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