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      FREE VOICE ~ GRUPPEN SEMINARE       ~ DURCHBRUCH ZUM WAHREN SELBST ~     in Altendorf (Schwyz) ~ neues Datum folgt     Samstag und Sonntag ~ Full Immersion.     BEFREIUNG und LEBENDIGKEIT durch die Kraft deines Spirits!     Ein Seminar für Alle, die zur eigenen Authetizität und Spontanität zurück finden wollen. Keine Gesang-Vorkenntnisse

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Individual Class

~ SET YOUR SPIRIT FREE       Sound Healing & Breath Light   Activation     Sound & Light travel thru our  cellular being, the conscious and   subconscious. Sound & Light permeate all levels, the seen and the unseen.   Sound & Light move thru space and time. Sound  & Light are both powerful, soft, effective and can heal almost every illness.  SOUND & LIGHT are everywhere ~      

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is the Yoga of TRINITY that unites dynamic and sustained postures with breath and focus to create greater flow of prana (life force). The benefits of TriYoga practice are endless. A regular practice allows to strengthen your body, bring more awareness into your breath, clean your mind and let awaken your soul.   The flowing sequences

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Teacher Training

  Since 2008 I offer TriYoga Teacher Trainings in different countries.    From Basics to Level 3 for groups of a minimum of 6 particpants.   You are welcome to  contact me if you like to organise a Teacher Training in your area.   We always start with TriYoga Bascis to be introduced into  the rich TriYoga world

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                      *** FREEDOM IS OUR BIRTHRIGHT ***     RECONNECT TO YOUR SACRED INNER TRUTH & YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF   There are many ways to live...or survive... Do you want to live in happiness? Attract more love, joy and abundance in your life? Say YES to TRUE LIFE!Give you the chance NOW to deepen your inner

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  My first Gallery: {gallery}foto,crop=1,crop_factor=20,ratio=0,width=100,height=200,thumbs=0,random=0{/gallery}

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Free Voice

    VOICE your SPIRIT    & dare to fully express yourself    Do you allow yourself to express your authentic being? Are you sure to be heard when communicating with your partner?   You are shy and would like to be spontaneous, surprise yourself and others?     ~ Take back your power by reactivating

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Dolphin Joy

  {gallery}foto/delfini,crop=1,crop_factor=20,ratio=0,width=100,height=200,thumbs=0,random=0{/gallery}DOLPHINS are very highly evolved beings with ecceptional abilities that are not yet developped by Humans.    They transmit us precious messages for a Life in FREEDOM, JOY and LOVE.   To connect with these sacred Angels of the Sea is a very touching experience on a deep Soul level. It opens your Heart

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