flashed by the light~ SET YOUR SPIRIT FREE 


  Sound Healing & Breath Light

   Sound & Light travel thru our
being, the conscious and

Sound & Light permeate all levels, the seen and the unseen.  

Sound & Light move thru space and time.

Sound  & Light are both powerful, soft, effective and can heal
almost every illness. 

SOUND & LIGHT are everywhere ~



                       We are SOUND & LIGHT ~


                               Our Voice is the mirror of our SPIRIT  ~


I’m independent Voice Coach and Sound Light Therapist.


  My shining being will love to give you 
  any support you need to achieve
  Freedom on your path. 

   Find your way to express yourself thru    
your Body and your Voice. Experience 
 profound transformation by changing 
  your old paradigms, clear your emotioal
and open your heart. 


  Learn how to contact YOUR SPIRIT, how to
  listen to your INNER VOICE and express it



Re-connect to your INNATE TRUTH and your AUTHENTIC SELF.

I facilitate private sessions by phone, skype, at my place, at your house.

Different price arrangements possible, depending on follow-up of multiple sessions. Please ask for your needs.

Spoken languages: English, Italian, German, French and Spanish



To schedule an appointment contact +39 324 8418944

or email amirapace(at)gmail.com



What can one session or more sessions do for you: 

  • to deepen and free your voice
  • to enhance your communication skills
  • to access and express your spirit
  • to improve your breath thru light activation
  • to balance your chakra system
  • to have a better dreamtime
  • to heal depression
  • to support your healing of chronical issues
  • to release emotional blockages
  • to reprogramm your cellular being
  • to clear your family history
  • to receive a spiritual coaching and life support
  • to change your life
  • to discover your inner child
  • to access your Inner Source
  • to awaken your full potential
  • to relax into a healing sound bath  
  • to rebalance your Body, Mind and Spirit