LIBERATION and VITALITY thru the power of your Spirit!
2 Day
Full Immersion ~ Saturday & Sunday
Venue and date: TBA

This Seminar is for everyone who seeks for its authenticity, truth and spontaneity.
No singing knwolegde required!

  • When we allow ourself to be what we truely our full potential arises and we are able to create our own reality.

  • The free toning connects you directly to your emotional body and allows you to release any suppression, blockages, pain and suffering from a whole life time and even past life times…
    The primordial voice will emerge in all its beauty.

  • The inner listening guides you to self express your body and voice by toning.

  • Experience union of breath and silence and the depth of your inner ocean.

  • By learning to trust your free voice you will accept changes in your life and face courageously and with lightness new challenges in your life.

    The Seminar will be hold in English, German or Italian upon request.


Ubud Pantai Mas 719