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Voice Coach & Sound Light Therapist

    I am independent Voice Coach and Sound Light Therapist facilitating my work in several countries around the Planet. I'm fully in service to Humanity and I love to link togehter people from different countries and cultural origins. Sound & Light unite ALL beings beyond any kind of diversity.    I facilitate my work in

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Dolphin Soul Awakening Journey

    ~ DOLPHIN JOURNEY TO AWAKEN YOUR SOUL ~     Initiation to Higher Forces ~       Activation of your multi dimensional being ~          !!! SAVE THE DATES in 2020 !!!   *** APRIL 30 to MAY 7, 2020   DOLPHIN JOY SAFARI in Southern Egypt Yoga Flow ~ Free Dive ~

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Dolphin Consciousness

    DOLPHIN CONSCIOUSNESS  ~ DAY SEMINAR     DATE: TBA    A full day to connect with the beautiful Dolphin Consciousness and learn  how to step into a new dimension of JOY, HAPPINESS and PURE LOVE.    ~ Liberate your human creative power   ~ Enhance your sensorial and extra sensorial perception   ~

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Private and Group classes

The regular TriYoga practice has a lot of benefits for your body, mind & soul. Your energy flow will increase spontaneously, you will experience more life energy and enjoy a blissful realxation time in action.   CHOOSE WHAT IS MORE CONVENIENT FOR YOU: a private class or a group class!   PRIVATE CLASS   During an inidvidual class teacher and

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