Initiation to Higher Forces ~

      Activation of your multi 
dimensional being ~



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!!! SAVE THE DATES in 2020 !!!


*** APRIL 30 to MAY 7, 2020


DOLPHIN JOY SAFARI in Southern Egypt 

Yoga Flow ~ Free Dive ~ Ayurveda

*** MAY 7 to 14, 2020


DOLPHIN JOY SAFARI in Southern Egypt 

Yoga Flow & Aloha Spirit with wild DOLPHINS

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Activate your mutlidimensional being, learn new ways of communication, surrender to the Water Flow and experience the healing power of the Dolphin energy  


*** This Advenutre is for every one seeking a bright HEART opening and awakening of the «Inner Dolphin»


*** Ideally you want to replanish yourself with Yoga, Breath work, Relaxation and Meditation


*** Allow yourself to RESET your SOUL and CELEBRATE LIFE surfing the waves of Ecstatic JOY


Expand your CONSCIOUSNESS and simply BE WHO YOU ARE


A profoundly healing and highly transformational week…

Beyond imagination…

7 nights and 7 days on board a luxury yacht…

Anchored in the middle of a huge coral reef on the Red Sea


YOU will create your new life while swimming, dancing and

playing daily with F R E E and WILD Dolphins ~


This is the vacation you are dreaming your all LIFE long !!!    


Number of guests on board: min.10, max.20 *** 


Register latest by JAN 30, 2020! 

~~~ Since 2010 lots of fun and ecstatic Joy with

FREE WILD DOLPHINS in the Red Sea ~~~

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Dolphin Video by Jeremie  


Dolphin DanceDJS Mai 2017


Video by Mostafa Arafa



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