It was a long way to get 


                               hOMe… back to my divine self!


AMIRA is my name   

        free spirit is my nature

                 devotion to my divine path is my belief…

                       knowing that THE HEALING work I’m doing on myself
                              has benefits on the whole planet 
                                    as we are ONE … 


Rainbow Ocean







I’m honored to coach you on your spiritual awakening feeling that what we finally all want – and sometimes don’t know! – is to pull away all masks and stand NAKED in the world. Our most pure innocent being, the little baby landing on this planet, is naked and very wise!

The process to reconnect to those ancient roots can only be fulfilled in accordance to the universal flow of receiving and giving. We are constantly connected to each other, to Mother Earth and Father Sky. Every single one is like a wave… we find together in the Ocean of Life.


As a clean and open channel I do my heart work in service to humanity. I fully respect the unique personal rhythm of each and every one seeking for my support.


    jump into freedom                                                 


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   ~ In deep gratitude for trusting me ~